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    "i don’t support feminism because i don’t hate men"


  2. It impossible to say T-minus[x amount of time] when you fly stand by

    Hi everyone! 

    I just wanted to give another small update about my life, and try to figure out how I’m going to be recording/reflecting on my experiences that I’ll be having for the next time period of my life.  Tumblr? UBC blog? Photos? New blog? My own journal? I have decided yet, so I’m sort of testing this out right now. 

    DIS   claimer: If you don’t know, I’m leaving on exchange to go to Tec de Monterrey in Queretaro, Mexico for the next 9 months-a year.

    It’s FINALLY starting to come together! It didn’t really feel too real until today since the housing I wanted came through. I am still struggling through the visa process. The ONE lady who apparently processes student visa’s at the Mexican embassy is ON VACATION until tomorrow. She’s been gone for like, three weeks. Mexican uni semesters start at the beginning of August, and she chooses to take her vacation until like 2 weeks before then? Am I being over-needy here? Or was that a silly decision on somebodies part. IMMA GONNA SAY SILLY DECISION.

    So why didn’t you get started with the visa sooner Saki? Because there is so much bullshit paperwork that needed to be done before I even got to this stage. For example, I have to prove that I’ve been working these past six months or prove that mi padres have a bank average of over $100,000 every month this last year. WHAT?!  SRLSY….$100,000? That is craycray. Madness. Absurd. Ludicrous.  Anyways, I was able to get my shit together one way or another, but I haven’t gotten my visa yet. Calling Connie bright and early tomorrow on her first day back to hopefully chat and set and appointment with her to obtain my student visa.

    Deadlines are apparently not a thing:

    We had been told from TEC (the school I’m going to) that if we wanted to be in a host family, they had to know by some time in June. I had opted out of that idea after hearing about lack of food in the house, strict curfews, bad times in general. And who wants a bad time? Not I! So I passed up the “cultural” and spanish learning and decided to find my own place. I still hadn’t found a place, and was beginning to feel stressed out. Finding a place through the internet alone is scary! Was it a scam? A bad part of the neighborhood? Is that a fake light fixture in the picture? The portugese guy who posted on the uni fb page saying he’s looking for a roommate only has unrecognizable cartoons as his profile picture. Yes. I am judging based on his page. So, I had been looking online for a place, but wasn’t feeling too great.

    However, having drinks with a friend who had been to the same place as me recently for the past year, she highly recommended HER specific host family. She told me people were signing up for host families after the school year even started! So I went for it, and requested specifically the family my friend had. I was worried I wouldn’t hear back, since I had not been hearing back from the school when I sent emails in the past, or that my request would most likely be rejected since I was so far past the deadline but voila! Today I got the email. I’ll be staying with the host family once I arrive in Mexico. So deadlines? Whateva! Ain’t no thang, they are going to make it work. woo hoo! Now, it’s getting to crunch time. I’ll be heading out in approximately two weeks and I need to start getting ready to leave. Wish me luck!


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    My idea of rich is that you can buy every book you ever want without looking at the price and you’re never around assholes. That’s the two things to really fight for in life.
    — John Waters  (via detailsdetales)

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    Porter Robinson - I love it The music! The hair! The ladies! The bazooka! The flashing colours! Alll of ittttt.

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  6. Happy summer solstice!

    Happy summer solstice! I am going to bed early on the longest day of the year! Yay for cheese jobs and early mornings.

    I bet right now in Pang its still lighter there right now than here! And its past midnight there!

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"We don’t even know her. She just jumped on."

She doesn’t even go here!


    "We don’t even know her. She just jumped on."

    She doesn’t even go here!

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